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LMC Music Studio follows the pedagogy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, providing a nurturing environment that develops the whole child, through music. By creating a respectful and nurturing environment, any range of ability, discipline, and beauty within every child, can be cultivated to ultimately improve the human condition.


Wellington, NZ is at Delta Alert Level 2

At Delta Alert Level 2 all classes can resume at the studio from Wednesday 8th September 2021.

This includes:

  • Musical Tots (Wednesday 9:30am)

  • Pre-Twinkle Tots (Wednesday 10:45am)

  • Violin Lessons

  • Friday Violin Group Class

  • Saturday Theory Classes

An email has been sent out to all LMC Music Studio Families with full details.


About Lynette

Lynette Carson is a NZSI Registered Suzuki Violin Teacher, and NZSI Registered Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) teacher, based in Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Lynette has been teaching since 1997, and currently teaches:

  • Suzuki Violin

  • Musical Tots Suzuki Baby & Toddler Music

  • Pre-Twinkle Tots Pre-School Music

  • Music Theory


Suzuki Violin Lessons

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Suzuki Philosophy


“Every child grows. Ability is not inborn. It is a physiological condition, a matter of the big brain, under which the power of life grows in response to the environment since birth. For the sake of our children, let us educate them from the cradle to have a noble mind, a high sense of values and splendid ability.” 

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki


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