Suzuki Violin Lessons


LMC Music Studio follows the pedagogy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, providing a nurturing environment that develops the whole child, through music. By creating a respectful and nurturing environment, any range of ability, discipline, and beauty within every child, can be cultivated to ultimately improve the human condition.

I offer Suzuki Violin Lessons on Tuesday and Wednesday at my Belmont, Lower Hutt studio.

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Suzuki Group Classes

In addition to individual lessons, Suzuki Group Classes are held three times a term at the Studio.

Group Classes are a unique and fun aspect of the Suzuki Violin Method, and they are a wonderful opportunity to motivate students. 

In group class, students will review music repertoire, refine techniques, work and play together as a group, gain confidence, develop leadership skills, make great friends and have a good time! 

2022 Group Class Information

Group Classes serve many important purposes:

1. Group classes give students an opportunity to make new friends who also play the violin. 

The students then begin to learn the joys of sharing music with others.

2. Parents and students attend group classes together, which helps families bond with music and each other.   

3. Participating in group classes is a great way for students to get experience performing in front of an audience.  When students begin to play regularly at a young age in front of other people, they gain confidence and therefore more enjoyment when they perform in solo concerts or other events in the wider Suzuki community, or at Camps or Workshops.  

4. Having fun with the violin becomes a goal of each class as the child learns through musical games and activities. A relaxed atmosphere enhances the learning experience.

5. Motivation is one of the prime benefits of group classes.  More advanced students learn to become role models as they enhance their leadership skills, perform pieces in front of the group, and play complementary parts for the songs.  Younger or beginning students have the benefit of playing with musicians who are more advanced, which allows them to look to those students as role models and encourages them to practice the pieces that they hear in the group class.  

6. Group classes are great preparation for ensemble work.  Playing in a group involves an entirely different set of skills than playing a solo. Truly satisfying ensemble playing is a rare and exciting adventure.  As the children play together, they begin to follow each other, phrase with the leader, and sound like a polished group. Ensemble skills take a great deal of time to develop, but the rewards are exciting!

7. Group classes are a good opportunity for the teacher to use review pieces in order to practice more advanced skills.  Because students are continually reviewing, they have more time to learn the new skill, rather than remember the piece.  

8. Attending group classes regularly has proven extremely beneficial in the child's overall musical education, ear training, social development, and enthusiasm for the violin.