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2020 Enrolment Enquires, Information & Forms

For all Suzuki Violin, Suzuki ECE enquiries,

please contact Lynette via the Contact Section of the Home Page.

PDF Links Below:

2020 Online Enrolment Form

2020 Suzuki Violin Enrolment Information

2020 Suzuki ECE Music - What It's All About

2020 Suzuki ECE Enrolment Information

2020 Theory Enrolment Information

NZSI - New Zealand Suzuki Institute

Please sign up to The New Zealand Suzuki Institute (NZSI) through the link above.

The NZSI supports both teachers and students throughout New Zealand learning Suzuki Music. They organise camps, workshops and concerts plus help teachers with ongoing professional development so we can be the best teachers we can. 

Violin Purchase

Antonio Strings - Christchurch


I highly recommend the team at Antonio Strings! 

When you buy an instrument set (instrument, bow and case) from Antonio Strings, you will have the option of trading this in when you purchase your next Antonio Strings instrument. 

From 1/16 to 3/4 size, most new instruments - within the same instrument family - are priced equally by model. Therefore, with a trade-in, the cost of your next instrument can be up to 65% cheaper than the retail price.

The option to trade in a newly bought instrument for a second-hand instrument creates an opportunity to pay very little to upsize. 

Becoming a customer with Antonio Strings offers peace of mind.

They continue to care for your instrument following purchase and you will be

entitled to complimentary check-ups from their staff.

Each instrument comes with a complimentary cleaning cloth and our recommended rosin.

Violin Luthier -  Repairs

Malcolm Collins

Upper Hutt


As Suzuki trained teachers, we are lucky to have a wonderful sharing community. With this shared philosophy and repertoire we can work really well together.

Here are some of my colleague's websites that have helped contribute to my own website.

Grow With Music

Let's Twinkle

Website Photography

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Niamh Carson Photography

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John Sheppard Photography 


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