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Musical Tots is a music and movement class which takes children through the seven concepts of early child development, based on the pedagogy of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Children and adults will participate using songs, rhymes, actions, movements and quality music instruments, to kick-start their learning in the vital first years, preparing them for future instrument learning via the Suzuki Method. Musical Tots is for all children and babies 0-3 years (Maximum of 10 children per class)

Musical Tots is held every Wednesday morning, 9:30am - 10:30am during term time.

THE GOAL - to create an environment for children, free from pressure in which they can gain skills, a sense of purpose in life, an understanding of discipline and an appreciation of beauty.

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2020 Suzuki ECE Enrolment Information

Musical Tots Handbook


What is the Suzuki Method of Early Childhood Education about?

In 1993, Dr Suzuki and the Board of Directors of the International Suzuki Association (ISA) approved the curriculum developed by Dorothy Jones and named her school in London, Ontario as the first World Centre for Suzuki Early Childhood Education Teacher Training.

Suzuki Early Childhood Education seeks to build on the child’s natural delight in learning and lays the foundation for lifelong learning that meets Dr Suzuki’s goals for all children.

The following concepts provide the basis for a Suzuki Early Childhood Education class:

1. Every Child Can Learn
2. Ability Develops Early
3. Environment Nurtures Growth
4. Children Learn from One Another
5. Parental Involvement is Critical
6. Encouragement is Essential

7. Success Breeds Success

Every Child Can Learn
"Every child has the potential to develop amazing ability" - Dr Suzuki - Young Children's Talent Education and Its Method

"Every child can thrive - the key is upbringing." - Dr Suzuki - International Suzuki Journal Spring 1997

Ability Develops Early
"We are born with a natural ability to learn" - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"There is no telling to what heights children can attain if we educate them properly right after birth"- Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"Ability is not inherited, rather every baby is born with an equal potential for ability which will be nurtured along with the living soul throughout his life." - Dr Suzuki - The Wonderful Strength in the Living Soul

Environment Nurtures Growth
"Talent is not inherited or inborn but has to be educated and developed." - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"If a child hears good music and learns to play it himself he develops sensitivity, discipline and endurance." - Clifford Cook - Suzuki Education in Action

"Children live, see and feel, and their ability develops to fit their surroundings." - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"The environment determines the person." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"It is a superior environment that has the greatest effect in creating superior abilities." - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

Children Learn from One Another
"What children enjoy most is the group playing. They play with children who are more advanced than they are; the influence is enormous, and is marvellous for their training. This is the real Talent Education." - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

"Children enjoy playing together very much. It is fun to play together in an ensemble...Since more advanced students will also be playing, their advanced style will be absorbed by the newer children, not just the sound but also the stance. Through their ability to adapt themselves to the environment, they can pick up something better than themselves with sensitivity and joy." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

Parental Involvement is Critical
"The fate of the child is in the hands of the parent." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"Children behave the same as their parents. They absorb the actions of their parents by merely watching them...Children only know the way their parents act, and so they act accordingly." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"Small children do not learn by will power, they learn as a natural function of growth." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

Encouragement is Essential
"Where love is deep, much can be accomplished" - Dr Suzuki

"If a child is able to write neatly...he should be praised for that ability and encourages to become better so that his motivation will increase." - Dr Suzuki

Success Breeds Success
"Develop ability from what a child can already do, and that ability will promote the happiness of doing things better and better. An unlimited amount of ability can develop when parent and child are having fun together. It is simple but often overlooked." - Dr Suzuki - Ability Development from Age Zero

"...extremely easy material was chosen at the start, and all the children accomplished what was set with no mistakes and full marks. This was a start in building confidence and enthusiasm. He made sure that every child understood the material and made no mistakes." - Dr Suzuki - The Law of Ability and The 'Mother Tongue Method' of Education

"Ability develops through practice." - Dr Suzuki - Nurtured By Love

Definition of Suzuki Early Childhood Education by Dorothy Jones
(founder of the Suzuki Method of Early Childhood Education)

Suzuki Early Childhood Education is the realisation of potential through active and reactive participation in the environment. The environment is defined as all that surrounds a child both before and after birth.

It is based on Dr Suzuki’s beliefs that every child can learn, and the child’s potential is unlimited.

The uniqueness of Suzuki Early Childhood Education is emphasis on the natural development of the child from birth and the rich and stimulating learning partnerships that are developed with parents and teachers.


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